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Built for Zero | Detroit Veterans Housing

Last year, we were honored to contribute our design skills to help support the Built for Zero initiative. Built for Zero is a program committed to ending veteran homelessness in Detroit. In partnership with the Rocket Community Fund and Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, we helped with space planning, design intent, material, and furniture selection of the apartment units. We were then able to partner with Humble Design for the execution of two community spaces for the veterans to utilize for social time, relaxing and connecting with each other. As a result of this program, 60 units were converted from transitional to permanent housing, helping to significantly reduce the veteran homelessness population in Detroit.

At Pophouse, we are committed to positively impacting people through design. Giving back to the community and helping under-represented groups is core to our mission. The Built for Zero project was deeply meaningful to our team, and we are thankful for the opportunity to help veterans who have done so much for our country.

  • Date November 2022
  • Written by Jennifer Janus, President
  • Topic
    • Design
    • Partnerships
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