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Each entrance of the Rocket Technology space features a 3-dimensional installation

Align & Elevate the Office Experience
Through Environmental Graphics

As hybrid work becomes the norm, many are working to decipher how to best position their office space to provide an effective working environment for their teams. Adjustments to desks, conference rooms, and communal gathering spaces may be the more obvious first point to focus on. However, an equally important, and impactful element that may miss consideration is the incorporation of Environmental Graphics. Environmental Graphics can be used to elevate the aesthetic, convey important culture and values throughout the office, and increase productivity utilizing the unique brand of the company.  

The Society of Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) defines Environmental Graphics as the orchestration of typography, color, imagery, form, technology and, especially, content to create environments that communicate. In short, Environmental Graphics are the extension of company’s brands within the physical space. Whether it be from custom art installations, positioning statements, or wayfinding design, Environmental Graphics create a sense of place, help people find their way, and communicate important information to fuel dialog between users and the spaces they inhabit.   

  • Date August 2022
  • Written by Sarah Davis, Director of Strategy & Lee Goetgeluck, Design Director
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    • Strategy
    • Design
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Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
The team’s motto ”Be Bold” is elegantly displayed in 3-dimensional lettering

Human-centric environments that express consistent messaging make a significant difference in a person’s comfort and capacity to understand the office. In a recent study, having a sense of coherence within an office was positively associated with overall health, well-being, and work satisfaction. The inclusion of Environmental Graphics and other unique features can provide a sense of orientation, and coherence to how team members interact with space.  

A sense of belonging at work can hold deep significance for a team member and can build their overall experience. Environmental Graphics utilizing strong statements and energizing phrases such as core values can bring a company’s positioning front of mind and align teams around common goals. By being part of an initiative, people attempt to perform, engage, and participate together. This physical space provides that sense of identity, community, and belonging – all critical components helping to unite people and drive business.

Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
A green wall representing each district in the city of Detroit which incorporates stories relating to community involvement creating an interactive experience

Environmental graphics are, at their core, unique artwork showing aligned messaging through your space. When you think of how humans encounter, process, and sense artwork, the inclusion of these elements in an office can have a positive impact. Art has been shown to encourage creativity and inspiration within individuals, both valuable factors in the ability for teams to find innovation. Layers of art bring interest and depth to any space and allow people to engage deeply with their space. Studies show that simply taking a break from work and experiencing nature improves how we think and work. Such sabbaticals are not always an option, so graphic design can be applied within the workplace to achieve simmilar results. These design strategies tap into powerful psychological effects resulting in both a more productive and satisfying workplace. 

Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
The iconic imagery of the Spirit of Detroit ties the space to the city it calls home

Environmental graphics can provide profound transformation to your workplace, while being a manageable financial investment. These are pieces that can be reimagined as the organization evolves and create a tie between individual and space. Installations can set your workspace apart from other traditional offices, while also being used to bridge satellite locations together with cohesive harmony. 


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