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A home office rendering by Pophouse.

Make Work From Home Work

Over the last year, our lives have changed drastically. If you were used to going into an office five days a week, you are now (more than likely) participating in the great remote work experiment. With estimates that over 40% of the US workforce is working remotely at this time, ensuring that you are able to continue to complete your work effectively is paramount.

While no one knows precisely when we will return to the office on a regular basis, two things seem to be strong assumptions. First, while teams are remote from the office, maintaining business and driving growth and innovation are key areas of focus for companies. And second, your remote environment plays a significant role in helping to support your body and mind to be your best with your work. Many times the connections between the physical environment and our performance and wellbeing can be unclear and not fully understood. However paying attention to these elements can yield positive outcomes for you each and every day.

  • Date December 2020
  • Written by Sarah Davis, BI Account Director
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    • Design
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At Pophouse, our mission is to promote positive work environments no matter where that space might be. The future of work will most likely include multiple work settings and each one of those should be arranged to be effective for you. Leveraging our research insights and best practices, we strive to design space that is meaningful to the team and delivers effective, healthy, and functional layouts for all. No matter where you are working, having knowledge and awareness to make the setup work for you and your needs is powerful and allows you to customize depending on how you work best. What works well for one person could be completely non-functional for another person. Your remote workspace design should lend itself to the type of work you do and your own learning styles.

Our team recently rolled out a Work From Home for All program, bringing commercial-grade, quality products to individuals to be able to create or supplement their remote working environment. Through this program, as well as our work designing custom home office spaces, we are able to leverage our network of resources to support individuals with a spectrum of need.

As we internally discussed the potential positive impact that these products could make for people now setting up spaces remotely to perform the work they used to do in an office setting, we realized that we could support consumers even further.  As a data-driven design firm, we are constantly seeking new research and information that we know can make a positive impact on the remote experience. After nearly a year of research on the topic, we are excited to share a guide we have created to serve as a valuable resource for people searching for solutions to their remote work setups.

Our guide covers five key areas that can be leveraged to curate a highly performant workspace for yourself. These areas are: Comfort, Posture and Health, Lighting, Acoustics, Biophilia, and Creativity and Inspiration. There is a summary that can serve as a high-level version for each of these sections included if you need to gather recommendations and adjust. For those who want to learn more and go deeper, each section has insights compiled specifically to provide additional layers of research and supplemental content.

If you are looking for best practices for mastering a remote work setup and the research to back the impact of that space, this is just what you have been looking for. We encourage you to use this guide and pass this along to spread awareness on how small adjustments can make a significant difference.

To access the guide, please click here.

If you would like to talk to us about designing a space that works for your needs, please contact us at



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