Elevated Aviation

Corporate aviation is an impactful design opportunity to flex and translate a company’s culture and brand identity while extending the amenities of the office. Pophouse partnered with Pentastar Aviation to design a complete refresh of this Gulfstream G-IV jet for one of our Corporate Clients to ensure a hospitable yet fully functional and productive workplace in the sky. An unmistakable level of sophistication that ties in with the company’s updated brand aesthetic evokes a sense of connection between the workspaces on land and in the air.

The cabin, lined with rows of bespoke seating and woodwork, is tied together through a palette of rich, contrasting hues and soft lighting. Bright brand accents provide an added level of comfort and personality. The seating’s tufted square profile brings a tailored and streamlined aesthetic, invocative of a modern interior architectural setting and less traditional aviation designs.

  • Partners Pentastar Aviation, LLC
  • Photography Barry Tilson
  • Services Interior Design

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