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Case Study: Empowerment Plan
Environmental Graphics

Empowerment Plan is a non-profit organization that works to break the cycle of homelessness through employment. The program provides job training and support through the production of coats that convert into sleeping bags for the homeless community. In the years since their founding, Empowerment Plan has evolved from an idea in a college class to an internationally recognized workforce development organization. At Pophouse, we are big supporters of this mission, so our Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) team began working on design concepts to help bring the mission to life in their headquarters space. In order to execute our concepts, we worked in partnership with local vendors and craftsmen who share our passion for the Empowerment Plan mission. Focused on celebrating the brand, culture, and overall accomplishments of the organization, the graphics throughout this project pay homage to donors and the team while celebrating the brand that makes it all possible.

  • Date August 2021
  • Written by Lee Goetgeluck, Design Director
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Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm

​The Empowerment Plan creates a significant economic impact by serving as a stepping stone for individuals to rise out of poverty into a state of stability. Pophouse worked to highlight the groups working to make this possible by flanking their entrance with a donor wall showing the gold and silver tier businesses and families that financially support the Empowered Mission.

Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm

Working to produce their innovative coats, the Empowerment Plan team ensures each person hired can earn a stable income, find secure housing, and regain independence. The “Our Empowered Team” wall features hanging wire and clips to add imagery of each team of employees, thank you cards, and other memorable moments.

Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm

Using mixed materials including black vinyl, dimensional letters, and translucent acrylic, this map located in the main circulation area, visualizes the reach of the organization around the world. Developed for long-term celebration, markers can be added as the organization’s presence grows internationally, serving as a symbol of the impact of the program.

Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm

Brought to life in partnership with SmithMade, Planterra, and Jiffy Signs, this cozy nook was completed with furniture donated by Pophouse. Honey-toned reclaimed wood on the back wall supports a large dimensional Empowerment Plan “E” filled with reindeer moss. Intended as a flexible space this area can be used as a small gathering space, meeting area, or lounge for team members.

A huge thank you to our partners for donating their time and materials to bring great design to such a deserving group! To learn more about Empowerment Plan’s mission, visit their website.


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