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Work Uninterrupted

We look at a lot of data – external research, our survey results, our clients’ insights – and all signs point in a consistent direction: people and organizations work across a mix of spaces and places. Even individuals who are considered full-time onsite will have durations where they need to work from home due to illness, travel, or other life circumstances. Therefore, the ability to be able to successfully work from a variety of settings is critical to any knowledge worker. 

We recently conducted a nationwide survey of office workers from around the country and from a variety of industries. We set out to understand what settings and their attributes mattered most to people, and how the level of control they have over their work environment contributes to a sense of thriving. Researchers from the University of Michigan define thriving as the joint experience of learning and vitality at work. As designers, we recognize the importance of place for enabling people to thrive. Evidence from this and other studies guide our design work and the experiences we ultimately create for people. 

In this book, we will share our learnings about how people are working today, what helps people to thrive, and how all three environments can intertwine to effectively support work. 

  • Date March 2023
  • Written by Sarah Davis, Director of Strategy, Pophouse & Peter A. Bacevice, PhD - VP of Research & Development, Pangeam - Research Associate, Ross School of Business
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    • Strategy
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Work Uninterrupted 


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