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Introducing: '1912' by Pophouse

In partnership with Australian American-based acoustic solutions company Acoufelt, Pophouse is pleased to welcome ‘1912’, an exclusive Collection of QuietPrint™ acoustic panels. The partnership merges the human-centric design approach of Pophouse with Acoufelt’s acoustic expertise resulting in a collection that is classic, yet purposeful.

The partnership between Acoufelt and Pophouse unites two distinct yet congruent client-centric experiential design cultures. Both companies share a commitment to utilizing functional design and innovation to solve real client problems. The refined and dynamic style of the 1912 Collection adds personality and dimension to any space while also lending itself to Acoufelt’s revolutionary Making Quiet™ journey. Celebrating craftsmanship, texture, and technology, we pulled inspiration for the 1912 Collection from original hand-painted textures, a playful exploration into shape and form, and the rich cultural and architectural landscape of Detroit. This collection was classically inspired, and the development process was deeply explored to provide insight and direction.

  • Date March 2021
  • Written by Lee Goetgeluck, Design Director
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Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm

The Collection’s unique play of linework and pattern is derived from Detroit’s Art Deco architectural legacy to create a diverse mix of timeless vignettes. Each design within the collection has been thoughtfully named after the architects and designers that were instrumental in the design and construction of these monumental Detroit buildings. Informative descriptions curated for each design encapsulate the spirit of the collection as well as provide insight into the creative characters behind the partnership.

Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm

Building a human connection to the Collection, we set out to create one-of-a-kind textures to be incorporated into the patterns. Using hand-crafted paintings connects the viewer to the workmanship of the Collection and in turn the artists within Pophouse that created each piece. Like a written letter, the textures incorporated into the 1912 Collection provide a personal touch that cannot be replicated. Using an acrylic pouring technique, the textures of the painting are built organically by spilling paint onto a page and tipping the paper from left to right for the paint to mix. This technique builds distinctive patterning for each piece.

The textures incorporated into the 1912 Collection provide a personal touch that cannot be replicated.

These works were then photographed and digitally incorporated into the patterns, bringing a unique marbleized texture to the forefront. Layers of delicate linework are paired with organic brushstrokes in colorways that feel fresh yet familiar.

Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
Charles | Storm

For instance, Charles, with a bold art-deco attitude inspired by Detroit’s Guardian Building, is simultaneously unapologetic and regal. Charles’ meticulous attention to detail and organized approach connects with the emotion and aesthetic of any space.

Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
Ludwig | Stone

Inspired by Minoru Yamasaki’s wonder and his first skyscraper, One Woodward Avenue in Detroit, serves as the inspiration for Ludwig. With international influences garnered from his travels abroad, Ludwig is both delicate and methodical in demeanor and presence.

Pophouse is honored to launch this collection in collaboration with Acoufelt. We look forward to seeing how these pieces will transform your interior project.

Find more information or order your samples of this new collection here.


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