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Meet Phil The Lounge Chair, A Collaboration With Haworth

Inclusivity is at the forefront of Pophouse’s philosophy and we are constantly pushing to exceed expectations and set a new standard in the design world. Designed to playfully release stress with an experimental approach and exaggerated scale, Phil the Lounge Chair provides a hug-like embrace that comforts and invites you to sit, curl up, and even pet the chair. Pulling inspiration from remote work, safe spaces for those with neurodiversity, and of course our furry friends, Phil was developed by our own Chrissy Fehan in collaboration with Studio Urquiola for DesignLab, a celebration of Haworth’s 75th anniversary.

  • Date October 2023
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Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm


Phil the Lounge Chair was created with inclusion in mind. Offices need to be hospitable and representative of full self. During the pandemic many transitioned to full remote work. This shift allowed many to spend more time with their loved ones and pets. Chrissy in particular was able to spend her days with her Goldendoodle, Phil. Many found over the period of fully remote work that it was easier execute tasks while also being within a safe space. When thinking about coming back to work, Chrissy felt stress over not being with Phil and knew others felt the same about their furry friends. With the return of a hybrid work model, we need to re-evaluate the purpose of the workplace and how to promote true collaboration. What would make those with anxiety or other neurodiversity feel more comfortable re-entering the physical workplace? Petting an animal is scientifically proven to reduce cortisol within the body, the hormone that causes stress. The soft fur texture and curved structure of Phil the Lounge Chair embraces you immediately.

About Haworth’s DesignLab

DesignLab exists at the intersection of diversity, desirability, and innovation. Haworth as a company was developed as a side hustle in a school teacher’s garage by Gerrard Wendell Haworth, so it is no surprise there exists a drive to challenge expectations and encourage new perspectives within the company’s culture. The collective of designers brought together for DesignLab partnered with Studio Urquiola to provide mentorship and to produce digital renderings. The partners participating in DesignLab developed their ideas throughout the year and debuted their work in Chicago at NeoCon.

Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
"Phil the Lounge Chair was an idea to solve the problem of how to invite people back to the office who have become so comfortable at home."

The Process

When designing the structure of Phil the Lounge Chair, inspiration was pulled directly from the shape of a sleeping dog. The chair was designed to be an experience, with a shag-like texture encompassing the structure for you to pet. A 3D rendering was polished and in collaboration with Haworth’s design and production team, a prototype was developed out of high density foam. The prototype of Phil the Lounge Chair is currently upholstered with Kavdrat faux fur.

Debut & Press

Phil the Lounge Chair debuted with the launch of DesignLab at NeoCon 2023 at THE MART in Chicago. NeoCon is one of the most relevant events for interior design and has been in production since 1969. The convention is a launch pad for industry innovation and shapes the future’s built environments. Since The Phil Chair’s debut, it has been featured in publications such as Design Boom, IIDA, Design Milk, Dezeen, and more. Most recently, ArtPrize had The Phil Chair on display at it’s 2023 event in Grand Rapids.

Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm

Inclusivity doesn’t stop at regulatory minimums. True inclusivity means intentionally weaving the perspectives of those with physical and mental diversity throughout your entire designed space. Mandating a return to office without examining areas of improvement to make the physical space more welcoming to team members will only result in disenfranchisement. Pophouse values strategic, unconventional, human-centered design, and Phil the Lounge Chair embodies this philosophy.


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