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Pophouse Cranbrook Fellowship | 2022

For the past four summers, Pophouse has hosted a student from Cranbrook Academy of Art’s 3D Design program. Each student spends around three months getting to know how our studio functions and creating an experimental piece of furniture. 

This year MFA Candidate, Breanne Johnson, created a set of furniture inspired by pop-up card tables. The project is designed for multi-functionality and posits a use for photographic images in furniture design. In general, Breanne’s work focuses on phenomenological home items and furniture that examines our relationship to the social and physical spaces we inhabit and the routines and rituals that make up our daily experience.

  • Date September 2022
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Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm
Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm

The project is composed of a set of eight small folding tables of two different heights, each with a found image printed on its surface. The caddy that houses the tables is inspired by a slide holder and aims to archive and celebrate lost moments and images, bringing new life to old technology through contemporary design. The archive as a design feature has been institutionalized but has the capacity to tell quiet and personal stories. As a singular object, the “closed” table caddy functions as a kind of credenza, with “kicks” of color visible between each table block. Remove a table or two, however, and the credenza becomes two-tier. The removed tables can then be used independently, or arranged into compositions by height, image or color, the folding legs interlocking with one another, and the heights nesting to create cascading multi-surface displays. With a built-in cleat on the underside of each tabletop and retractable legs, each table can also transition from a horizontal surface into a vertical one and can exist as artwork on or against the wall. The result is a highly configurable and materially considerate object that speaks to both the past and the present.

Pophouse | Detroit Interior Design Firm

We believe in investing in local emerging designers to create a space to explore and learn from our team as we learn from them. Thank you for spending the summer with us, Breanne!   

View more of Breanne’s work here: 


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