Rocket Mortgage Technology

The headquarters for Rocket Mortgage Technology in the One Campus Martius Building in Detroit is an innovation-focused, brand-centric embodiment of the culture and philosophy that drives this fin-tech organization forward.

The new landscape equitably promotes a physical and virtual presence and includes dynamic work settings for the team to utilize, organized into team neighborhood and community spaces. Settings include an adaptable workstation layout, dedicated conference rooms, a variety of flexible collaborative and huddle spaces, quiet rooms to allow for one-on-one conversations and focus time, and wellness programming for respite and reenergizing. This programmatic kit of parts for the team and communal space allows for adaptability and growth for the future of the organization.

Each teams' home base provides its members with an ecosystem of work settings for individuals to select from to support both individual and collaborative work. This wide diversity of programming elevates user choice leading to increased productivity and engagement amongst the team. Layers of environmental graphics and opportunities for team personalization throughout the space support comradery and culture while materials and colors authentic to the brand create a landscape that serves as a destination for the team.

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