The Jackson, Coming Spring 2024

The Jackson is set to become Rochester Hill’s premier restaurant and bar, presenting inventive twists on familiar dishes. Embracing the concept of food as art, the establishment draws inspiration from the renowned painter Jackson Pollock, a personal favorite of the owners, Justin Vaiciunas and Michael Mauro. A prominent feature of the dining area will be a sizable canvas paying homage to Pollock's legacy. The menu will showcase an eclectic mix of small plates, salads, entrees, and a chef's tasting selection, complemented by a diverse craft cocktail list and a carefully curated wine selection.

Creating an ambiance of modern sophistication, The Jackson will offer stylish seating arrangements nestled amongst lush greenery and soft ambient lighting. The material palette references Pollock’s art, with an airy palette layered with pattern and texture in select areas to infuse depth and personality to match the menu.

  • Partners PolyarchCanvas Hospitality
  • Location Rochester Hills

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