Rocket Mortgage | Chase Tower

The Rocket Mortgage Detroit campus is an expansive ecosystem built for all team members to thrive. Our strategy to modernize the historic Chase Tower focused on refinement of the overall palette and pairing inviting and tailored textures with deliberate use of color to provide an energetic yet sophisticated workspace. Through strategy and a celebration of culture, we worked to create a space that takes care of the team so that they can better serve their clients. This community of space supports the holistic wellbeing of its diverse team members through ample amenity space, integrated technology, and layers of visual and acoustic privacy while providing a sense of belonging and familiarity, a home away from home.

This human-centric, amenity-rich landscape is a place to grow, challenge, succeed, and disrupt the market. A landscape of connected spaces that reflect the evolution of the brand, elevate the team member experience, and measurably drive the growth of Rocket Mortgage.

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